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WooCommerce adding items with Food Online Plugin

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Start taking online orders to your restaurant with WordPress

Let your customers make their food orders online. You decide if you will offer Home Delivery, Take Away or Eat at Restaurant. Define delivery zones with zip codes etc. and give them individual delivery fees. Delivery addresses are validated with Google Maps API to avoid receiving insufficient addresses.

With product attributes you can offer your dishes with varieties of size, protein etc. The plugin is compatible with WooCommerce Product Add-Ons if you want to offer even more product options.

Buy Now * One year support and updates. License will not expire and is lifetime


Delivery addresses can be Google validated on the Menu page and will then be automatically inserted at the shipping address form on checkout.

Choose to display the delivery switch and let your customers select if they want Home Delivery or if they want to pick up the order at the restaurant. It is also possible to let them choose to eat their food at the Restaurant

Choose to display a reminder pop-up at checkout that let your customers add beverages, a tip or other supplementaries of your choice.

Set scheduled time slots for delivery, pick up and eat in and make them available for a single or a group product categories or tags.


Ready to use with desktop, tablets & mobile phones.

Arrange the order of your menu headings in the settings area. For example: Starters - Main Dishes - Desserts - Beverages.

Calculate and Show the time until the order will be ready. If it is a delivery order, the shipping time can be calculated with help of Google. You can even decide if to calculate the delivery time as a car or bike delivery.

Let customers choose the Delivery or Pick up time with a Time Picker at checkout.

Usage Examples

Start Page

Start Page with delivery options

It is possible to add a start page with icons as delivery selection. The menu can then be loaded by a specific schedule for the different delivery modes for full flexibility.

Show Menu by Delivery Mode

Menu by Delivery Mode

It is possible to schedule when to show specific menus for the different delivery modes. This can be useful if you have different menus for delivery, pickup, and eat-in or the menu differ between days and hours

Post Code Validation

Post Code Validation

If you set up your shipping zones on a postcode level it is possible to let customers check if their postcode is in your shipping area. The associated delivery fee can also be dispalyed.

Build custom layout using shortcodes

Foodonline layout with shortcodes and blocks

It is possible to build your own menu page layout using shortcodes together with WordPress Blocks or Elementor page builder.

Display one category at a time

Display one category at a time

To only display one category at a time at the Menu, you can choose to display it with an accordion behavior.

Pick Delivery Location on Map

Pick Delivery Location from Map

If Google doesn't find a specific address, customers can pick their delivery location from a map.

Mobile Ready

Mobile Ready

The usibility for mobils comes with a set of options. This example uses a top bar and a drop down for menu categories.

Time Picker on Checkout

Time picker on checkout page

It is possible to place a Time Picker on the checkout page that lets customers choose their time for delivery or pickup. The available times can be scheduled by delivery mode, weekday, product category, and tags.


Installation from Wordpress Admin Panel

  • Plugins -> Add New
  • Upload Plugin
  • Choose the .zip file you downloaded
  • Install Now
  • Activate

Do your Settings...

From the Wordpress Admin Panel

    • WooCommerce -> Settings
    • Choose the 'Food Online Premium' Tab
    • In the 'Settings' tab you make your basic settings
    • In the 'Menu Category Ordering' tab you can arrange the menu order


    In the main tab, you can customize the behavior of the plugin. For example, you can...

    • Show a pop-up on checkout with featured products as supplementary
    • Set minimum order value
    • Set minimum order quantity
    • Choose if and how to show product images in Menu
    • Choose content in the product pop-up
    • Choose icons in the Menu
    • Choose to show limited fields at checkout
    • Enable the Delivery Selector and set the Google Maps API Key
    • Arrange the menu order

    ...and much more.

    Create your Menu

    Now you can start creating new products in WooCoomerce. If you want a dish to come with an option (such as "size"), create your products as "Variable product". The plugin is compatible with WooCommerce Product Add-Ons if you want to offer even more product options.

    Create product categories in WooCommerce and assign your products to them. The product categories will be the menu titles such as Starters - Main Menu - Desserts etc.

    System Recommendation

    • PHP 7
    • WordPress 5.6
    • WooCommerce 4 and above


    • Use the shortcode [foodonline] or [foodonline2] to insert the Menu at any page you like.
    • Use [foodonline categories="starters, pizza"] to only show certain categories (use category slug names).
    • Use [foodonline tags="tag-A, tag-B"] to only show certain tags.
    • Use [foodonline ids="xx, yy"] to show specific products (use product IDs).
    • Combine the shortcode attributes [foodonline ids="xx" categories="pizza"]